Vintage LED Light Bulbs: More Than Just a Green Fad

October 02, 2015

Vintage LED Light Bulbs: More Than Just a Green Fad

Even the Wall Street Journal recently wrote about it: vintage LED light bulbs are everywhere. Partially empowered by the popularity of vintage interior design, these Edison style LED light bulbs are used in a wide variety of interiors. From upmarket restaurants to laid-back coffee shops and from dining areas to farmhouse kitchens, they are the thing to have. While at first it was regarded as a ‘green fad’, it’s clear that LED lighting is here to stay in Australia. So what’s so great about it?

Same look, less energy

People have always loved the warm, natural glow of incandescent filament bulbs. Popular interior design styles that recapture the past such as mid-century and vintage carry with them a certain nostalgia that befits these old-style lights. But as people become more and more environmentally conscious, there is also a growing demand for eco-friendly lighting. Vintage LED bulbs are the answer to both trends. They capture the look of the old Edison light bulbs with increasing accuracy, providing a more than acceptable compromise between style and eco-friendliness. While these bulbs look the part, they use 80% less energy than conventional Incandescent bulbs. The flip side is that Edison-style LED light bulbs are pricier, making it more of a long-term investment. But it’s a choice more and more people seem happy to make, we have noticed here at Fat Shack Vintage. Our collection of Vintage LED Bulbs gets more popular every day. And when our customers speak, we listen! That’s why we have updated our collection with a few great new LED options in Edison-style. Have a look and tell us what you think!

Vintage LED Bulbs: Edison Teardrop Clear - 5W 2200K

edison led light bulbs teardropedison led light bulbs cage light

Product name: LED Bulbs - Edison Teardrop Clear 5W 2200K

Bulb shape: Teardrop

Light output: 400 Lumens 

Colour temperature:Warm white (2200 Kelvin)

At only 5 Watts, these LED light bulbs generate a powerful light (as much light as a standard 40w incandescent bulb) yet have very low energy consumption and a very long lifespan. They differ from the other teardrop LED light bulbs because they container longer thin LED strips that are designed to imitate the vintage style incandescent filaments.

LED ‘Filament’ Light Bulbs - 6W 2100K

vintage led bulbs classic shapevintage led bulbs cage light

Product name:LED Filament Bulb 6W 2100K

Bulb shape:Rounded

Light output:470 Lumens 

Colour temperature:Warm White (2100 Kelvin)

These vintage LED bulbs have a slender, rounded shape that is an all-time classic favourite. At a glance it’s hard to distinguish the thin LED strips from the old-fashioned incandescent filaments. They are also dimmable, so you can lower the intensity to create atmospheric lighting. Perfect for open shades or on their own!

LED Light Globes 4W 2100K

led light bulbs long tubular shapeled light bulbs tubular long cage

Product name:LED Light Globes 4W 2100K

Bulb shape:Long Tubular

Light output: 430 Lumens 

Colour temperature:Warm white (2100 Kelvin)

This LED lighting shows the creative capabilities of the technology. The bulb is a modern take on the classic Edison style filament bulb, and has a long tubular shape which will suit some shades like no other light bulb could!

LED Filament Bulb - Tubular 6W 2100K

led light bulbs tubular

Product name:LED Filament Bulb - Tubular 6W 2100K

Bulb shape:Tubular

Light output: 570 Lumens

Colour temperature: Warm white (2100 Kelvin)

Another design deviating from the classic rounded look, these vintage LED bulbs offer aesthetics that will update your existing bulbs while maintaining a classic feel. The long coated LED strips work beautifully to emphasise the tubular shape!

Clear and Coloured LED bulbs options for our Festoon string lights

clear led light bulbs for festoon string lightingcoloured led light bulbs for festoon string lighting

Product name:Festoon string lighting with clear LED filament bulbs

Bulb shape: Rounded

Colour temperature:Warm white (2200 Kelvin)


Product name: Festoon string lighting with coloured LED bulbs

Bulb shape: Rounded

Colour temperature:Warm white (2200 Kelvin)

Of course, we couldn’t forget about our most popular product: Festoon lighting. It is now not just possible to order these cheery outdoor string lights with small opal LED light bulbs, but also with clear filament LED light bulbs and coloured LED light bulbs. Get ready for some festivity!

What do you think ofvintage led light bulbs: are you one of the enthusiasts welcoming the rise of LED lighting in Australia? Let us know in the comments below!

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