8 Cool Industrial Living Room Ideas to Steal

August 25, 2015

8 Cool Industrial Living Room Ideas to Steal

So you like the vintage industrial look. You’re committed to transforming your living room into something cool and rough around the edges. You found there are a few set rules you can follow and a whole bunch of examples to find online which will help you on your quest. But only some of them really hit the mark. To help you add a real kick to your industrial living room, we’ve gathered 8 really cool living room ideas to steal. Go ahead, have a peek!

1. Abstract walls

Exposed brick walls are a staple of industrial interior design. Add a contemporary touch by painting geometric shapes and/or lines on the wall. Above the white on the original brick wall connects beautifully to the dividing wall on the right, but any colour that fits in your design scheme would be a possibility.

2. Custom concrete floors

A smoothly polished concrete floor is also a much-loved aspect of an industrial living room. Consider occasionally breaking up this plain surface by inserting materials and objects that connect to the overall design. Above, recycled timber is inserted in the living room instead of a rug, which continues the theme of recycled wood in the furniture all throughout the house. Other options for example are (coloured) glass or beads in a mosaic.

3. A place to relax

Do you love relaxing on the sofa with a good book or a cup of coffee, but also like to have friends over? Consider sacrificing some space to fill the walls of your room with one long sofa. It creates a room which overflows with warmth and friendliness, inviting people to have a seat and take it down a notch. And if you’re blessed with a spacious loft home, topping it off with an adjacent library or games area is perfect!

4. Bring in the warmth

That you don’t necessarily need a spacious loft home to create a warm and inviting vintage living room is proven by the image above. The small fireplace nook is absolutely wonderful! Perhaps a bit easier to recreate are the shelves with knick-knacks on them. It can be easy to fill your home with clutter, but this living room manages to keep it organized. Items have been carefully selected, conforming to a neutral colour scheme that befits this rustic vintage area with industrial pendant light. To add a bit more contrast, the shelves are painted black. The painted lines in the otherwise clutter-free floor also work well to add a more modern touch.

5. Doors in unexpected places

We already mentioned in our previous blog about creating unique home décor that re-purposing objects for completely different things is a great way to add an unexpected twist to your home. This cool living room idea has inspired the decorators of the industrial living room above to use a beautiful old door as a coffee table.

6. Casual sofa

Vintage trolleys and pallets are often used as coffee tables in industrial living rooms. Go for something different and create an informal seating arrangement. In the image above, this casual ‘sofa’ fits snugly underneath the low window, where a sofa of normal height might not have looked as well.

7. Wooden wall

Upcycling wood is a great way for giving your vintage living room texture and character. In the image above, the designers have done a marvellous job by using wood to cover a wall. The vintage white wardrobe looks beautiful against it.

8. Lighting as an accessory

Apart from being functional, lighting can also be a great way to add a quirky touch to your home. From light boxes to lab lamps and from moustache marquee lights to marine signal lights, you can use lights to accessorise your living room in a unique way.

So, which one of these 8 cool living room ideas has caught your attention? Or do you have any favourite interiors of your own you want to share? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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