7 Interior Design Ideas to Create a Unique Home Decor August 07 2015, 0 Comments

Be inspired by unique homes

There are plenty of ‘best practices’ for interior design that you can follow to create a satisfyingly stylish home. But the truly unique homes that always leave us awed are the ones that don’t quite seem to follow the rules.

They use unexpected contrasts, crazy objects and a new perspective on things which gives them a whole lot of character.

To let you in on some of this magic, we have gathered 7 interior design ideas to create a unique home décor for your own house. Good luck!

    1. Off-wall wallpaper. There’s a whole range of colourful, intriguing, creative wallpaper out there that is just yearning for some exposure. And we don’t mean an accent wall in your bedroom. Use some of your favourite wallpaper in new ways for a playful effect. For example; frame it like a painting, use it to cover the back of open bookcases, the bottom of cutlery drawers, your inner doors, or the front of the steps of your closed staircase.

    2. Unusual contrast. It is often said that interiors should have darker tones on the bottom and light up top, because it’s easier on the eyes. However, turning this idea around can create a real wow effect if done right. Although the example above is very contemporary, dark ceilings can be used more casually as well. Think of a dark blue ceiling in a children’s room for example, with hidden downlights as ‘stars’.

    3. Display your favourites. This one works best with transparent walls, especially bedrooms. Use pegs, knobs and hooks to hang everyday items or treasured troves on the wall. To really finish it off, point some spotlights at it. Whether it’s your favourite pair of shoes, shells you found on the beach or your bike, it will be a strong – and unique – personal statement in your interior!

    4. Suspend things from the ceiling that would normally stand on the floor or other surfaces. Great for small homes, this will create a playful effect and make your room feel more spacious. Try a hanging chair instead of an armchair, a small pendant light instead of a desk lamp, or even a pendant mirror!

    5. Repurpose (vintage) objects for completely different things. Like this old oak easel on wheels as a TV stand, or manila rope as a room divider or staircase railing. The options are only limited by your own imagination. The more creative, the better!

    6. Wallpaper or paint the ceiling. This can be a bit tricky and not all ceilings are suitable for it, but the effect of a patterned or photo wallpaper is fantastic. Imagine tree branches or buildings that seemingly reach overhead – your space will feel much more alive!

    7. Combine various types of floor for a dynamic look. We personally love this mix of hexagonal tiles and repurposed wooden floor boards, but alternating wooden floor planks in two tones to achieve a striped pattern for example is also fun.

    So, are you going to use one of these interior design ideas for unique home décor? Or do you have any tips of your own to share with your fellow readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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