Industrial Meets Glam: Urban Interior Design That Shines

July 17, 2015

Industrial Meets Glam: Urban Interior Design That Shines

Glamorous interiors with a raw edge

Industrial has been fully embraced by the world of interior design, giving birth to many intriguing variations. What we would like to call ‘Industrial Glam’ is an urban interior design style that marries the cool, raw edge of industrial design with the glamour of sparkling materials such as silver, copper and gold. It can be similar to industrial chic but its main features are shiny accents, sleek curves and rich tones and accessories, creating a beautiful contrast. Want to get this look for your home? Let’s have a look at these glamorous interiors and how they mix industrial & glam.

Glam elements:Gold pendant lights

This office space is very bright and airy because of the white brick walls and exposed white wooden beams. The faded Persian rug is a nostalgic nod to luxury. The golden pendant lights are a strong glamorous statement, but their industrial style makes them fit in with the overall urban interior design. Alternatively, pendant lights with both black and brass elements would connect with both the rug and the luxurious theme.

Fat Shack Vintage recommends:Brickworks Pendant Light


Glam elements:copper pendant light, copper pans, cupboards with straight lines and reflective white countertop.

This kitchen also uses white bricks plus old white floor boards to its advantage to maximize the light that comes through the windows. The column, high exposed ceiling and worn wall above the cupboards betray that this was probably once a warehouse or another industrial building. The reflective white countertop and copper light and pans really get to shine in this interior.

Get the look from FSV:Round Copper Pendant Light

Glam elements:Custom copper pipes for lighting, diamond bulbs.

This close-up capitalizes on two industrial and two glam features beautifully combined into one lighting fixture. Rich copper is the chosen material for a set of exposed pipes that features bare bulbs in the shape of glamorous diamonds. The textured concrete wall and mirror with worn frame provide a perfect grungy backdrop for this glamorous interior.

Get the look from FSV:LED Diamond Light Bulb.


Glam elements:Silver backsplash / wall, smooth surfaced metal appliances, streamlined kitchen cupboards.

You can’t deny the glamour in this kitchen with an eye-catching silver pattern lining the entire back wall. The caged pendant lights hung from black metal pipes dangle directly in front of it for maximum contrast.

FSV recommends:Industrial bunker cage pendant


Glam elements:large polished metal bathtub, fur bath mat

This bathroom perfectly combines a classy vintage ball pendant light with a glamorous, polished metal bathtub. The surrounding industrial interior with exposed brick wall, plumbing, high ceiling with exposed wooden beams, tall windows and glass screen give it an urban feel.

Get the look from FSV:Glass ball pendant light


Glam elements:Chandelier, silver bowl and candlesticks, vintage chairs.

This apartment is an industrial glam heaven with its all-concrete walls and floors mixed with classic features. The silver and glass chandelier and other silverware share the same tones but are of a contrastingly refined material. The two styles meet mid-way in the form of a sleek wooden table and bench. Alternatively, a vintage chandelier with bare crystal bulbs could also have worked as a transitional piece.

FSV recommends:Gooseneck Chandelier Light

Silver, copper, brass, or gold: all of these metallic tones are sure to put some industrial glam in your interior. Which one is your favourite?

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