Timeless black and white bathroom design ideas

June 26, 2015

Timeless black and white bathroom design ideas

Black and white bathrooms will never go out of style. Too bold a statement in the world of design? We doubt it. There’s something reassuring about the straight-forward combination of these two counterparts that has made it popular in both vintage and contemporary bathrooms.

Subway tiles, hexagonal floor tiles and pedestal sinks form the base of a space that is pleasantly calm, yet can be transformed at the blink of an eye. Because that is also the power of black and white bathroom designs: you can dress them up with any colour or material you like, for as long as you fancy. Not so keen on that apple green anymore?

Just trade the towels and accessories in for cherry red or navy blue ones. Or concrete or dark wood. Whatever tickles your fancy! Are you looking for some black and white bathroom design ideas? These images show some of the most popular classic and contemporary design elements of vintage black and white bathrooms. Have a look and let them inspire you!

Design element:Vintage furniture

Vintage black and white bathrooms would be incomplete without at least one eye-catching vintage piece of furniture. In this bathroom, a schoolhouse light and an antique highboy are the perfect companions for the clean black and white surroundings. The modest yet consistent use of black accents in the dotted floor, wall lining and leaded glass window make this bathroom a classic beauty.

Design element:Subway tiles

This black and white bathroom design is simple yet full of character. The dark mortar used in between the classic subway tiles gives it an urban feel and adds texture. The rustic wooden floor boards lends the space some warmth, and a basic set-up for the sink plus a black industrial pendant light finish off the look.

Design element:Concrete

Concrete is a much loved bathroom design idea for contemporary black and white bathrooms. Its sober and raw feeling fits the black and white theme perfectly and creates a whole new level of sophistication. If installing big concrete pieces is a bridge too far for you, smaller accessories and concrete pendant lights for example can go a long way in achieving the look, too.

Design element:metal and glass doors

Reminiscent of NY loft apartment windows, these black metal and glass doors are a big hit in black and white bathroom designs. They effectively close off the shower space but also keep the room open and spacious looking. In the image above, they seamlessly blend with the black walls, creating a continuous contrast for the lighter shower space and floor.

Design element: Colour

As mentioned at the beginning, the great thing about black and white bathrooms is that you can go crazy with colourful bathroom design ideas, because any colour will fit black and white. In the above image, a few touches of deep red add a great deal of character to this bathroom. Red light cords on those turret glass pendant lights would have worked wonderfully as well!

Design element:black plumbing & faucets

It’s not just tiles that work magic in vintage black and white bathroom designs. The image above is a great example of how plumbing and faucets can work with other black accents to create that classic look.

Design element:Hexagonal tiles

Another more recent trend is the hexagonal tile. Black, white, or black and white mixed together; these honeycomb shapes add a stylish punch to traditional black and white bathrooms. In the image above, rustic accents such as the farmhouse sink and industrial wall light keep the traditional feeling alive.

Vintage pieces, subway tiles, concrete sinks, metal and glass doors, colour, black plumbing and hexagonal tiles: these popular black and white bathroom design ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. What would you include in your ideal black and white bathroom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Image 1 & 5 via houzz, image 2 via stylefiles, image 3 via scandinavianlovesong, image 4 & 7 via bloglovin, image 6 via mariannesimondesign.

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