Introducing: the Vintage Industrial Chandelier!

June 19, 2015

Introducing: the Vintage Industrial Chandelier!

Truly original Chandelier lighting

Those of you who like to nose around our collection may have already noticed the latest addition to our Fat Shack Vintage collection: industrial chandelier lighting! Following trends and your wishes, some of our most popular lights are now available as chandeliers, making them even more eye-catching than ever. Whether you like cage shades, crystal bulbs, pulley light cords or glass ball lights, it can all be found in these original chandeliers. There are over 20 types available in our new vintage industrial chandelier category, but let us introduce you to five of them for now. We are very proud of them and are curious about what you guys will think. Will you let us know?

Bakelite Gooseneck Chandelier Light


Available in Molted Brown, Molted Green, Black, Black and White Speckle.

Remember Bakelite? Lamps made of this stuff used to be sold to general stores all over the country, so are a real reminder of vintage Australiana. These shades are genuine Bakelite, manufactured right here in Australia. The vintage chandelier itself comes with an ornamental pulley, which have been around since the mid-1900s. They were typically used to light tables in the kitchen areas, cafes and bistros; a purpose they can still serve with vintage flair today!


Cage Chandelier Pulley Light


Available with Small Round Cages, Large Round Cages and Long Cages.

This gorgeous straight arm industrial chandelier combines the character of a vintage pulley light with the raw simplicity of cage lights. Made from quality brass with an antique bronze finish, it fits well in both traditional and modern interiors. You can change this original chandelier to suit your taste with various cage shapes and an impressive range of vintage style light bulbs that you can buy additionally from our shop. It’s all up to you!

Gooseneck Chandelier Light


Whoever said bare bulbs lights look cold and uninviting is proven wrong by this vintage chandelier. Simple and graceful, it would look beautiful as a room’s centrepiece above the dining table, in a study, in the living room or... Well anywhere, really. Just like all of our other chandeliers, you can buy complementary bulbs for this chandelier from our shop in all shapes and sizes. Above our striking LED Opal Crystal Bulbs are featured, but be sure to have a look around in our collection of vintage style bulbs to find a bulb that’s just your kind of thing.


Cage Light Chandelier – 5 Drop


The only thing that’s better than a cage light, is five cage lights! This chandelier features five lights with different shapes, making it a beautifully dynamic design that will catch everyone’s eye. A cool addition above tables, but also an edgy way to light up a corner, reading area or piece or display pieces! As you can see it looks great against a brick wall, or any other background with a bit of texture. Where will you put it?


Industrial Warehouse Chandelier


Available with Blue, Federation Green, Black or White shades and with a Double or Triple arm.

Many have been eagerly waiting for this vintage chandelier. Its warehouse shades are amongst the most popular on our site, and available in four colours. One of the few chandeliers in our collection that also features a double arm, this light will look great above not just tables, but also cabinets and desks, for example. Paired with a filament (style) light bulb they’ll create a cosy atmosphere you’ll enjoy every time you turn the light on.

So, what do you think - did we choose our vintage chandeliers well? We’d love to hear your opinion about our new original chandelier lighting in the comments below!

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