10 Easy Interior Decorating Ideas for Rental Apartments

June 05, 2015

10 Easy Interior Decorating Ideas for Rental Apartments

Rental apartments can be the nightmare of every decorating enthusiast. Their dull, generic interiors are usually strictly forbidden from being altered in any rigorous way. That means no feature walls, no cheery colours on your doors, and no lights hung in new and refreshing ways. Or does it? To save the world from boring apartments, we’ve composed a list of 10 interior decorating ideas for rental apartments that are easy to implement. No drilling or other rigorous activity required! With these rental decoration ideas, you’ll keep both your inner decorating enthusiast AND the landlord happy.

1. Use aplug-in light cord to hang a cool pendant light without needing to reroute any cables. Use a book shelf, stick-on hook, mirror or any other suitable object to hang your pendant of!

2. Use the occasional splash of bold colour. Sure, your walls can’t be painted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a big splash of colour! One or two select pieces of furniture such as an armchair, sofa or table in a bright colour can really set the tone.

3. Add some quirky items that suit your personality or just make you laugh, such as this big table lamp shaped like a light bulb or this giant moustache light.

4. Lean big wall art against the wall if you’re not allowed to drill. Find cheap second-hand framed photos or images online, or DIY some yourself. There are tons of examples available on arts ‘n crafts blogs and sites like Pinterest and Etsy, so get creative!

5. Match up easy swappable items such as pillow covers, lamp shades, duvet covers, throws and other accessories in a colour, pattern or material of your choice. It will bring a lively continuity and style to your interior.

6. Use rugs to cover up ugly or boring floors. It’s as easy as that – especially when rental apartments have seen a lot of different renters, the floor can look less than optimal. Cover it up with a stylish rug, and you have the added bonus of noise reduction.

7. Maximise light and even the smallest rental apartment can look a lot bigger and brighter. Hang mirrors on the wall or alternatively, lean them against the wall. You can stand tall ones on the floor, or smaller ones on cupboards, side tables and shelves. Alternatively, reflective glass shades can also help spread natural light.

8. Use furniture and items in unexpected places for a playful effect. Put a slender side table with drawer in your bathroom for storage and display, or use a ladder as a magazine rack in the living room. Easy way to pick up reading where you left off!

9. Hide ugly features of your rental home such as plumbing and cupboards by using skirting in a fabric that suits the rest of the interior.

10. Add life with plants. If this sounds boring to you, think of all the different plants and flowers there are, AND ways of displaying them: a simple stylish pot, vintage bucket, hanging basket or terrarium can have a huge impact. As added bonus, various types of plants purify the air in your house.

With these ten interior decorating ideas for rental apartments, your home should look a lot livelier! Do you have any rental decorating ideas of your own? Share them with the rest of the readers in the comments below!

Image 1 & 6 via Pinterest, image 2 & 3 via FSV, image 4 via queenslandhomes, image 5 via apartmenttherapy.

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June 16, 2015

Thanks for the list of rental furnishing ideas. As a renter of a very run down terrace house in Sydney with floors and walls in serious need of a refresh I can definitely say rugs make a huge difference.

I also grew so frustrated with not being able to hang any of my images on ‘my’ walls I invented two wall hanging displays for creating photo walls & gallery displays. You can see them on my website here http://curator.com.au – They work with a special removable adhesive called Remo One (which I had to import from the US) it is a much better tape than the 3M stuff (which has a tendency to remove paint).

I now need to work on a mirrored version as I am finding this also frustrating as we only have a couple of hooks in the place (it has rendered plaster walls) and mirrors can be quite heavy (and I have young children) so the idea of hanging a heavy glass mirror on a wall using a 3M hook doesn’t sound like a safe option.

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