Cheery Interior Design Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

May 29, 2015

Cheery Interior Design Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

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The days are getting shorter, and the approaching winter season is forcing us out of our deck chairs and into our cosy arm chairs. As we spend more time indoors, it can be hard to stay energetic and keep up the good spirit. But have you ever thought of updating your home to beat the winter blues? With these 5 cosy and light interior design ideas you can make your house look cheery and feel warm at the same time. See what you can change around the house!

Create more light

Daylight is important for human beings. Research suggests that our health, well-being, moods and social interactions can benefit from more daylight exposure. So in winter, when days are darker and shorter, it’s good to make as much use of natural light as possible during the day and create a well-lit environment when it starts to get dark. There are a few light interior design tricks to achieve this:

  • Keep windows clear of obstruction: get rid of heavy curtains and use rollers, shutters or light curtains, keep window sills free from ornaments. If you need window covers for privacy, opt for sheer floaty fabrics.
  • Painting walls in white or pale shades. This helps to bounce the light around and make your home look brighter.
  • Use mirrors to maximize light. Place them strategically with regards to windows and/or central lights.
  • Glass or reflective light shades help reflect natural light, such as this Wood Top Glass Shade.
  • Use softer accent lights to light up the room when the sun’s not fully set but light is very dim. Cheery lights such as these string lights can really do a lot to set the mood!

Add warm materials

To create a comfortable and cosy interior design, adding warm materials to your home is a must. Soft to the touch, thick and insulating, but used sparingly and strategically. That way, there are enough materials to keep you comfy but not so many that your home feels cluttered and sleepy. A few interior design ideas:

  • Natural wood looks warm and feels warmer than other materials, too. Consider using (repurposed) wood for floors and furniture. Including details such as wooden pendant lights can also work.
  • Chunky knitted woollen covers for stools, chairs and pillows.
  • Course, thick fabric blankets and throws for the extra cold and dreary days. Looks cool, feels warm and snuggly!
  • If you have a floor with a ‘cold’ material, consider using big rugs – in the hallways, living room, bedroom... anywhere!

Add a cheery colour

Sometimes it really helps to add an accent colour to your home to keep the sunshine in! Warm yellow or lively green make for a cheery atmosphere. Try to imagine what colour would boost your energy, and incorporate it consistently in one or multiple rooms. Some helpful interior design ideas:

  • Painting one or multiple walls is one of the most effective ways to give your space a fresh and updated look.
  • If you’re looking for something less drastic, try getting a few key furniture pieces in your favourite colour. Details as small as a different light cord colour can already make a difference.
  • Update curtains, bed covers, arm chair covers and pillow covers in your chosen colour.

Tidy up

Even though this may seem like the least inspiring chore, a good tidying up session can do wonders for your home. With all the clutter put back where it belongs - or sorted to be given/thrown away – your house will feel much more spacious and brighter. Plan an afternoon for it, put coffee and snacks at the ready and get going!

Add life

Outdoors, plants and flowers give up their colours during winter, but it can be a real pick-me-up to add some greenery indoors. Ask for advice at the shop for which plants will fit you: easy to maintain, air-purifying, maybe non-poisonous if you have kids... Some nice ideas:

  • Use Fishbowl vases or footed bowls to make pretty (and affordable) containers for plants such as small ferns and cacti. Ta-da! You very own terrarium.
  • Hang plants from the ceiling in baskets to save space. There are loads of fun ideas around for easy industrial DIY projects!
  • Put a succulent or another easy plant in your bathroom. Instant spa feeling created!

Whether you create more light, tidy up or add warm materials, colour or life to your home – cosy and light interior design can really help to beat the winter blues. Have you got any interior design ideas of your own? Share them with the rest of us in the comments below!

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