Why You Should Add Copper Accents In Your Home

May 01, 2015

Why You Should Add Copper Accents In Your Home

Copper home decor is a trend that started out in 2013 and is still very much popular in 2015. Whether applied in a rough form for an industrial vibe or in polished form for a more classy touch, the material has been used in many modern and industrial interiors. Most popular in Australia is the copper pendant light, but the material is also used in basic plumbing or smaller accessories, for example. It fits in with the ongoing industrial trend perfectly. Not just because it heralds back to times of old, but perhaps also because it ages in an interesting way. With regular contact, copper finishes change colour and the texture becomes smoother. This ‘wear’ fits the vintage side of industrial design. However, one can also choose to keep the copper polished.

As our Copper Inspiration board on Pinterest became increasingly popular. Let us know what you think!

Left: Copper Table Lamp - Fabric Shade: Right: Copper plant pots.

Left: Copper Pipe Pendant by NUD: | Right: Interior with copper stools, light & jug

Left: Copper Sphere LED Light: | Right: Copper pipes with tap & tear drop bulb

Left: Foundry Ceiling Light: | Right: Exposed copper tubes

These are some of the best copper home decor examples we have come across, and the copper lamps from our collection we are proud of! If you’re looking for a copper pendant light in Australia, then you can easily order one online from our store.

Do you love copper accents in your home? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Find more inspiration in our full range of pendant lights


Images via FSV and our “Copper Inspiration” Pinterest board.

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Fat Shack Vintage
Fat Shack Vintage

May 07, 2015

Thanks for your comments Lampen. LED lights can bring warmth to a decor – like you said it just depends how it is used. Should we come across any more interesting LED designs we will be sure to share them on through the blog posts.


May 06, 2015

I do like the LED lights on the pictures. The project proves that even if accused of being cold and office oriented, led lights can bring a warmth and homey feeling depending on the context. The design is really comforting, stylish, but also dynamic. I hope more projects implementing interesting LED designs will be coming soon.

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