10 Easy Home Decorating Ideas

April 24, 2015

10 Easy Home Decorating Ideas

Easy decorating ideas to do in a day

There are plenty of home decorating ideas to be found on the internet, but not all of them are as easy as it looks. If you feel like your home could do with some fresh input but you don’t have much time, this can be a bit of a downer. So for all of you busybodies, we have created a list of 10 easy home decorating ideas that are possible to do in the span of a day – or at least with minimal effort!

1. Create a gallery wall

Gather your favourite photos, vintage fabric finds, drawings by your kids or anything else that inspires you. Frame appropriately, arrange and hang on a bare wall. This visual display will add a great deal of (your) personality and meaning to the room.

2. Replace or remove lamp shades

Replacing your lamp shade with a different colour or material can make a big difference, especially if they’re in a central position. Mix things up by exchanging a fabric shade for a cage shade, or just leaving the shade off entirely!

3. Lean objects against the wall

Instead of hanging them on it. A large mirror against your bedroom wall is the classic example, but you can also think of a vintage marquee light propped up against the wall, either on the floor or a side table.

4. Add some colour

You don’t have to get out the paint to add a dash of colour to your room. Use smaller items and accessories such as pillows, light cords, vases, artwork, containers, crockery etc. to add some cheery yellow, calming blue or vibrant green for example.

5. Wallpaper the back of a cabinet or bookcase

This is a fun and relatively easy way to add an original touch to your storage furniture. Use a roll of wallpaper is a pretty pattern or a world map poster for example and take out back (or, if that’s too hard, the shelves) and glue it on. The result is beautiful!

6. Remove cabinet doors

Tired of how your kitchen looks? Think about removing some cabinet doors to expose the shelves. Arrange items neatly for display and store the rest of the items in baskets or other suitable containers.

7. Replace the bulb

If the bulb of your lamp is visible, try replacing it with something a bit more eye-catching – diamond or crystal bulbs are great for this and give you a pretty light display, too!


8. Add some ‘chic’ to your bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a miniature spa with some (fragrant) candles or a small bouquet in a simple vase. Turn your vanity items into a pretty display by storing them in glass jars.

9. Gather cluttered items on a tray

Your house always looks better tidied up, but there will always be clutter. Keep it under control by giving it a place on a tray. Put things like remote controls in a tray on the coffee table; pens, tape and other stationary on a tray on your desk, etc.

10. Tie together your curtains

With an easy industrial chic DIY hook. There’s plenty of ideas out there, like with snap-hooks, door knobs, chains and thrift shop necklaces. Just browse Pinterest or Etsy for some ideas!

These 10 easy home decorating ideas don’t require a huge budget or lots of time to add some new style to your rooms. Which ones do you like? Or do you have some tips of your own? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
Image 1 via houzz, image 2 Fat Shack Vintage image 3 via Forrent & 4 via vtwonen.
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