Office Table Lamps to Light Your Workspace in Style

April 10, 2015

Office Table Lamps to Light Your Workspace in Style

Rules are made to be broken. Office table lamps are just such a case. Sometimes, your work space is designed very effectively with practical task lighting, your desk at the right height and your chair in the correct position. While this is certainly important, sometimes it can be nice to break away from the standard to give your work space a little bit more kick. After all, you do spend many an hour there! Make your desk more inspiring by using decorative office table lamps. Just have a look at these examples below!

Lights:Copper Table Lamp andGlass Table Lamp with fabric shades.

Table lamps and round fabric shades go together like strawberries and cream. If you love the warm, intimate feel they give to your living room, why not create that mood for your work space? An on-trend copper or slightly edgy glass base is the perfect stylish mood setters with a classic finish!

 Light:Vintage Marquee Light - Moustache

O la la, le moustache! This nod to the classic vintage marquee signs which adorned movie theatres, circus tents and fairground ride lighting alike is a cheery and definitely original way to light up your work space! Hang it above your desk or just prop it against the wall.

Industrial Cage Table Lamp

Modelled after the lights used in marine and mining environments, this genuine explosion proof light fixture brings a raw, industrial look to your work space. Perfect for when you’re bursting with creativity!

Lightboxes – Hotel No Vancancy

Another great tribute to classic vintage signs, these wooden lightboxes are handmade in Australia and give off a warm, inviting glow. Add some vintage flair to your workspace with these nostalgic display pieces!

Light:Cork Cylinder Lamp

The great thing about this cork lamp is that it looks fabulous both turned on and off! Without light it adds a natural, textured look to your workspace – great for any style ranging from industrial to rustic. Turned on it gives off a beautifully warm glow as the light filters through the material.

Light:Cloche Table Lamp

Dive deep into vintage with this antique-style cloche table lamp. Giving off plenty of light and showing off the light bulb, it looks best combined with an Edison-style bulb. A suitable office table lamp to light the way to bright ideas!

Light:Search Light Tripod Table Lamp

This cool tripod office table lamp resembles a classic search light and immediately adds a quirky but stylish look to your desk area. Search for inspiration becomes a lot easier in a creative looking workspace!

So, table lamps functioning as office lamps, what do you think: would you get any of these office table lamps for your work space? Or would you rather stick to the classic task lighting? Let us know in the comments below!

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