8 Autumn Interiors Design Ideas To Keep in The Sunshine

April 03, 2015

8 Autumn Interiors Design Ideas To Keep in The Sunshine

Autumn Interiors with warm colours

Autumn is that time of year where we’re not quite willing to let go of the sun just yet. Every ray that filters through the house is cherished. At the same time, we enjoy the rich tones of nature as we settle in with some warmer fabrics and colours. Feel like imbuing your home with some seasonal spirit? We’ve gathered eight autumn interior design ideas to inspire you! These autumn interiors are bright, letting through as much daylight as possible, accompanied by earthy and warm colours setting the tone for the new season.

1. Beautiful brown


Don’t be afraid of brown. When your walls and ceiling are (wooden and) white, it can be a wonderful contrasting colour to work with. Mix in some complementary orange or copper hues and the interior won’t become dull.

Lighting suggestion: Copper table lamp

2. Clear glass shades

Clear glass light shades work to make the most out of light. During the day, they reflect and thus amplify the natural light. This is especially helpful in autumn, when sunlight is less bright. In the evening, clear glass pendant lights brighten things up by spreading a more broad sphere of light.

Lighting suggestion: Turret glass light

3. Thick Fabrics

Thick fabrics such as curtains and throws are great to keep the chill out. Go for robustly knitted or woven material for an extra cosy look that goes well with industrial or rustic.

Lighting suggestion: White superlux desk light

4. Mustard’s a must

Mustard yellow is one of the staple colours of autumn interiors. It’s not so bright as to fit the summer season, but warm enough to suit the autumn sun. Use it for bed spreads, throws, pillows and accessories and let it blend with neutral tones such as white and grey.

Lighting suggestion: Yellow Grid Pendant light

5. Feature leaves

Colourful leaves are another iconic feature of autumn. You can incorporate them into all sorts of accessories; just have a browse on Pinterest or Etsy for some ideas. Above they look gorgeous floating over the dinner table. A more simple solution would be to hang a few from a pendant light – wire or caged lights are especially useful for this.

Lighting suggestion: Classic Saucer Cage Light

6. Smaller Lights


To make the most of the fading sunlight in the evenings, try to have a few strategically placed smaller task and accent lights. This way, you can enjoy the natural evening light for as long as possible without the room becoming too dark.

Lighting suggestion: Garage Cage Pendant Light

7. Patterns

(Thick) fabrics with patterns in warm colours adds a cosy, cottage-like feel to autumn interiors. Quilt-like bed covers, chequered pillows and striped throws all add a vintage texture that will make your home extra inviting after a windy day.

Lighting suggestion: Copper Pendant Light

8. Cosy seating

Cosy seating spots are always good in any home, but they are especially welcome in autumn interiors. When the days are warm, make sure you have a cushioned bench or chair on the verandah, patio or in your garden to enjoy the sun. Or when it gets chillier, a cosy breakfast nook in the sunny corner of the kitchen. Don’t overlook spaces like the hallway. When you get home from a chilly, windy day, there’s nothing better than a warm bench to sit down on, take your shoes off and then walk on a warm carpet into the living room.

Lighting suggestion: Gasworks Gooseneck Wall Light

We hope these autumn interior design ideas will inspire you to make your home fit the season. Have you got some ideas of your own to share with us? We’d love to hear about it in the comments! Shop our range of pendant lighting to find some more inspiration. 

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