6 Vintage Industrial Family Home Interior Design Ideas

January 16, 2015

6 Vintage Industrial Family Home Interior Design Ideas

Vintage industrial home design is hugely popular. Every type of house, from modern city apartment to suburban family home, can be decorated in this cool style. Are you looking for some interior design ideas to turn your home into a kids-friendly industrial paradise? Then have a look at these sixfamily home design ideas below:

Tip 1: Tie it together.

Vintage industrial home design is perfect for houses with high ceilings and lots of open space. All that room is great for kids love to play, but can be hard to weave together into one harmonious design. One good interior design idea is to use shelves, lights or other furniture to connect spaces together in an open-plan home. Above, black pendant lights connect the living room with the dining area.

Tip 2: Make use of “hidden” space for storage.

Industrial era furniture is designed to be practical.Stick with this idea. Trunks are perfect for keeping winter throws and blankets, kitchen islands can contain cupboards and shelves, ottomans can serve as side tables and storage areas, etc. etc. And with toys and games always lying around, you can never have too much easy storage space!

Tip 3: Flexible furniture.

Another great family home design idea is flexible furniture: it will keep your home configurable to changing needs. There are many great industrial tables, armchairs and other furniture on wheels, allowing for easy lay-out changes. If you family expands or kids leave the house, this is ideal.

 Tip 4: Add an artful touch to your rooms.

Wall decals, letter art, vintage signs, basically anything that screams INDUSTRIAL and goes with your overlaying material / colour scheme! In the case of vintage marquee lights, this can work out to be both pretty and practical. Add marquee lights that fit your kid’s bedroom theme or spell out your family name in the hallway with industrial-style letters.

Tip 5: Enter Industrial.

Don’t overlook the entry as a space to introduce the tone of your home. Hallways and entries are often forgotten, but can be given the industrial look by changes as easy as incorporating carefully selected industrial lights. First impressions are crucial!

Tip 6: Personal Space.

When kids share a bedroom, allow them their own space and possessions: curtains around the bunk bed, a personal shelf above / next to the bed, their own wardrobe, etc. Here too, letters or wall art, but also colour schemes for example can help to differentiate between their own personal space and communal space within the room itself.

These are just some interior design ideas for family homes that can make a vintage industrial home design work. Do you know any good examples from personal experience? Share it with your fellow readersin the comments below!

Images 2 via marthastewart, all others via Pinterest

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Jazmine Patton

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