How to Personalise your Bedroom

December 21, 2014

How to Personalise your Bedroom

Designing your own bedroom is great. You get to choose what you want from top to bottom and make the room into one that makes you feel comfortable. But while many people mainly focus on style, it’s also important to know how to personalise your bedroom. Adding personality – your personality – to the room can make it feel a lot homelier and on top of that, unique. To help you get an idea, here are four bedroom decoration ideas on how to personalise your bedroom.

1. Personal items

Chances are the bedroom is where you store a lot of your personal items. Why not put some of them on display? Use a dressmaker’s mannequin to show off your favourite dress, or showcase those pretty vintage bits ‘n bobs you found on the flea market the other day on your dresser. Try and get creative with how you display these items, but don’t go overboard: keep your bedroom organised.


2. Personal colour

Choose a colour that will fit your mood when you’re in the bedroom. If you mostly use it to rest, what colour scheme do you find relaxing? If you usually work or study there, what colour is stimulating or helps you concentrate? The colour schemes from Design Seeds are great for inspiration. Reading up about the effect of colour on moods can also be helpful. Once you’ve decided on your personal colour (scheme), use it to design your own bedroom.


3. Personal style

Of course, style is also an important part of how to personalise your bedroom. What is your favourite interior design style? And more importantly, does it suit your mood when you’re in the bedroom? If you love minimalist industrial style for example, try to mix in a few vintage fabrics or other warm materials to keep your bedroom warm and comfortable feeling. Other than that, go all out! Pendant lights, rustic floors, Scandinavian furniture – it you love it, you should have it.


4. Personal inspiration

Make sure your room shows what drives you, what inspires you. Include photos of you with friends and family, pin up your favourite quotes or paint them on the door or walls, hang up personal art or images of things you like. Do you love to be outside? Make a mobile of dried autumn leaves. Dream of travelling? Put a big world map on the wall and pin the locations you’d want to go to.

These are our four bedroom decoration ideas on how to personalise your bedroom. We hope you’ve found them useful! For us, vintage bedroom design is the way to go. What things do you pay attention to when you design your own bedroom? Let your fellow readers know in the comments below!

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