4 Home Decorating Ideas for Boring Corners

December 05, 2014

4 Home Decorating Ideas for Boring Corners

We all know them. Those awkward corners in the house that nothing fits into. Blank, odd spaces which feel like they need something extra - but you’re not quite sure what. If you’re the unhappy owner of one of these kind of spaces, then fear not: we’ve written down four home decorating ideas for corners for you. Try one or more of these corner ideas and spruce up that space!

1. More green

Plants are an obvious first choice to liven up dead corners. They are versatile, flexible and contribute to a healthy indoor environment. It’s best to go for mature plants which you can place on the floor in large pots that can match your interior design. You can also place a smaller plant on a stool or crate, or hang one down from the ceiling in a stylish hanging pot.


2. Give it a purpose

The best home decorating ideas are as practical as they are useful. You will be surprised how handy corners can be, becoming a valuable attribution to your home. How about a study or breakfast nook for example? This helps you maximise space and creates cosy areas for eating or studying. Is your corner too awkward for even that? How about using it as additional storage space. Corner shelves can display art, books or other things, adding purpose and life to the space. Additionally, you could also think about using it to place practical devices such as stylish wall fans.

3. Light it up

Corners can be quite dark, especially if they’re removed far from a room’s general light. A great way to add interest to a corner is to add light. Pendant lights are perfect for this, especially hung a bit low so the long cord adds to the general look. Search for a unique light and distinct cord which together will create a great display. Industrial cage lights for example look really cool, but you could also opt for a bulb with a light effect on a coloured cord. The corner ideas for lights are endless.

4. Make it a focal point

When people think of artwork for the home, paintings on large walls are usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, corners are also a great opportunity to display art. Sculptures, standing tall on the ground or on a side table, can become an interesting focal point. Alternatively, other display pieces can also add vibrancy such as the ladder in the image above.

These are our four home decorating ideas for corners. Are you going to try one, or do you have any corner ideas of your own you would want to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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