Gooseneck Wall Lights Special

November 28, 2014

Gooseneck Wall Lights Special

5 Awesome industrial wall lights

Gooseneck lights are a classic amongst vintage wall lights. With their elegant, curved neck they are incredibly stylish and traditionally used to illuminate commercial signs and as outdoor lighting in rural areas. However, with the popularity of vintage interior design they were also brought indoors, adding character to many shops, restaurants and homes. Gooseneck lights have also appeared as industrial wall lights, creating unique new lighting designs. Wondering how that looks? Here’s five great choices from our collection:

1. Warehouse gooseneck lights

One of the most well-known and popular gooseneck lights are the traditional barn or warehouse wall lights. In groups they are great for providing general lighting in stores, bars and restaurants. Individually, they are a practical task light but at the same time create a cosy atmosphere in any kind of setting. Available in black, federation green, blue or white, these industrial wall lights are a classic vintage addition to your interior.

2. Cage gooseneck lights

    These cage gooseneck lights are robust industrial wall lights that allow for a more general spread of light in the area where they are placed. It comes in two popular finishes, matt black and antique bronze, which emphasized their authentic industrial character. You can use these in areas where space is tight, such as the hallway or the bathroom.

    3. Ball gooseneck lights

      With their timeless round design, glass ball gooseneck lights fit into any interior ranging from 20’s fashion to modern vintage class. Ideal for bars but also beautiful as part of contemporary or traditional rooms such as bathrooms.

      4. Workshop gooseneck lights

        Quirky and stylish, these workshop gooseneck wall lights feature one of our most popular industrial cage lights. With a raw simplicity that makes industrial wall lights so popular, this is one feature that is sure to create a dynamic design statement in your interior.

        5. Your very own creation

          Nothing is more unique than to compose your own gooseneck wall light. With our gooseneck wall sconce, you have the basis you need to create an industrial wall light that fits your interior perfectly. We stock a range of beautiful vintage light bulbs if you want to go for a bare look, but there are also many industrial light shades available to browse. What will your ideal combination be?


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