Matt Black Pendant Light Special: Where Vintage & Modern Meet

October 03, 2014

Matt Black Pendant Light Special: Where Vintage & Modern Meet


Vintage industrial lighting is our speciality. However, the fun thing about our products is that they are so easy to combine with other styles – and modern contemporary is no exception. There are plenty of vintage lights that add a pleasant dash of nostalgia to a modern interior without doing harm to its overall sleek look. This week we want to showcase one of the best lights we have for exactly that purpose: the matt black pendant light. It’s the perfect finish to bring the two styles together, as black is a popular colour for modern interiors and soft matt enhances the nostalgic vintage character. Would you like to blend these two styles in your home? Then have a look at these matt black modern contemporary pendant lights for inspiration!

Platform Pendant Light

This matt black pendant light will add just the right amount of character to your dining area, bedroom or hallway, for example. The black shade dominates its appearance, but is complemented by a white inner shade, lampholder and ceiling rose. $110.00

Cellar Pendant Light

This matt black pendant cellar light infuses your modern interior with a rough edge. The bell shaped shade creates an urban industrial feel and directs the light in any desired direction. Perfect as task lighting for kitchen islands and dinner tables. $105.00

Station Pendant Light

A matt black station pendant light brings timeless class into your home with its smooth grooves and classic shade. Serving well as both a main light and task lighting, you can hang this pendant light in any room for an industrial chic touch. $110.00

Bulb Pendant Light

Are rounded curves more your kind of thing? The design of this matt black retro pendant light was inspired by a light bulb and is the perfect contemporary addition to your modern interior. An interesting choice for either office or home. $95.00

These are just a few matt black vintage pendant lights that would be fitting for modern contemporary interiors. Interested to see more? Why not have a browse through the rest of our pendant light collection for more inspiration!


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