5 Super Effective Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Spring September 19 2014, 0 Comments

Spring is the season of renewed energy. Lovely weather, new things, original ideas to pick up. One perfect DIY project for spring is giving your bedroom a fresh look. The new season brings many new styles and bedroom design ideas which you can investigate and choose from. But where to start? We’ve selected five super effective spring bedroom ideas to make your bedroom feel brand new. Let’s get going!

Wonderful walls

The first one to start with is the walls. Changing these will have an immediate impact on how the room looks, especially if you’re a bit daring. Change that boring neutral wall for fresh colour such as citrus tones or go for cheery patterned wallpaper. You don’t have to go all out if you don’t want to – give one wall a vibrant make-over and leave the rest neutral for a calmer, but still vivid look.

Bright bed spreads

Especially if you have a double bed, bed spreads contribute a great deal more to the overall look of the bedroom than you might think. Get your hands on a colourful set or two that work well with the rest of the room. Preferably bright colours, but soft greens, pinks and yellows also work well. One of the easiest bedroom design ideas!

Lively lights


In spring there is more daylight than in winter. You can adjust your lamps to this situation so they’ll work with the natural light. Think about choosing new pendant lights with reflective shades which will enhance daylight coming into the room. This can be a glass pendant light, but also a copper pendant light for example. Also make sure you have bulbs with a warm white colour temperature, so they blend well with the natural light. You can also replace your bedside lamps with fashionable new lights. Try wall lights, pendant lights or clip-on lights instead of your regular desk lamps for a new division of space.

Vivid furniture

Over time, things tend to clutter up in our homes. Take a good look around your bedroom and consider which pieces of furniture you don’t really like anymore. Replace it with something more vivid and bright to enliven your bedroom for the season. Browsing catalogues and (online) furniture shops will offer you plenty of bedroom decorating ideas. It’s out with the old and in with the new!

Colourful curtains

Go with the season and make sure your curtains are light and colourful. Think soft palettes with patterns or brighter colours. They will let in enough light to keep the room cheerful and sunny – exactly the kind of thing you want to wake up to!

These are five spring bedroom ideas which are sure to give your room a whole new look. Be sure to keep a cheery colour scheme or theme in mind when you execute them, and a stylish bedroom will be all yours. What do you think of these bedroom decorating ideas?


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