Lighting Ideas To Beautify Your Home In A Weekend

August 19, 2014

Lighting Ideas To Beautify Your Home In A Weekend

Sometimes, your home can become a bit boring. No matter how stylish the decorating, every so often you just feel like a fresh new look. But let’s face it: if you’re short on time and money, a big overhaul just isn’t going to happen. But fear not! You can beautify your home in just one weekend with a few simple alterations to your lighting. Just follow up on some of these lighting ideas for the home, and they can shine a whole different light on your interior. Have a read through and see which of these interior lighting ideas suits your home!

  1. Change the colour of the cord:
    A light cord is often overlooked when people are shopping for lighting, but it can make a world of difference. Switch your standard black cord for a brightly coloured cord, or one made out of an interesting material such as copper or jeans cloth. Especially with low-hanging pendant lights, this can be an eye-catcher that adds a playful and fun element to your home decor.

  2. Change the lamp shade:
    Replace that faded, dingy lamp shade and trade it in for a new one that fits the season. Try a floral pattern for spring or a white / reflective shade for winter. You can change shades every season if you want, storing the off-season ones away. Or you can switch a lamp shade in for an open cage shade, which allows for much more light to spread and a very cool, industrial look.

  3. Leave the shade entirely:

    ‘Bare’ light bulbs are very fashionable and don’t have to look inhospitable. There is a wide variation of beautiful bulbs, from old-fashion vintage Edison style bulbs to crystal-filled bulbs and bulbs shaped like diamonds. Already striking on their own, they look even better in combination with interesting light cords like mentioned above!

  4. Layer Lights:
    To avoid a boring set-up, variation is key. Try having lights at various heights throughout the room. Experiment by placing desk lamps higher or lower on side tables and shelves. You can even lead a pendant light further away from its original spot and height by using a longer cord and a hook or something alike. This way, you can play with depth and layers a lot more.

  5. Install dimmers:
    A dimmer is an easy way to adjust lighting levels and set the mood. With a dimmer, you can match any mood with one and the same light. For example, you can turn the lights down low and light some candles for a cosier atmosphere. Installing a dimmer shouldn’t be too much of a task for an electrician. Otherwise, these days there are also extension type cords with dimmers built into them that you can plug any lamp into. IKEA stock one such cord called the Dimma. Easy fix!

These are just five lighting ideas for at home, but the possibilities are endless. Do you have any other useful home interior lighting ideas, or have you used one of the above 5 tips to beautify your home over the weekend? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it!

(Image 1 by remondalista, image 2 by Fat Shack Vintage, image 3 via bowandarrowhome, image 4 by sfgirlbybay)

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August 24, 2014

Love this post and LOVE your lights!


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