Tips on How to Choose a Floor/Table Lamp

August 06, 2014

Tips on How to Choose a Floor/Table Lamp

When you want to buy a table or floor lamp, it’s good to keep a few things in mind. What exactly do you need to pay attention to when you go shopping? Although they are two different types of light, many considerations can be applied to both of these lamps. Below are five of our tips that will help you buy the right table/floor lamp.

Have a look at where you’re going to place the lamp

Then take into account all the other lights in the room. How bright should your lamp be in order to provide enough task lighting, but also fit in with the other lighting in the room? Having a good balance of light sources in your room is important, as not enough or even too much light in a room or area can cause eye strain.

Determine in which direction you want the lamp to shine

Although floor and desk lamps are usually task lighting, there is still a wide range of possibilities when it comes to directing the light beam. It may affect the shape you choose for your lamp. For example, lamps with shades mainly send the light down towards the desk or floor. Lamps such as the Fluro desk lamp are even more rigid in focusing the light downwards. Torchiere lamps on the other hand, send light directly upwards. Bare bulb lights spread their light all around. Many lamps are also flexible, allowing you to change the angle of the shade and so send the light in a different direction. Determine where you want the light to go and choose accordingly.


Choose a style that doesn’t just fit your taste, but also your interior

This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but sometimes you can buy a floor lamp that you fell in love with in the shop, only to find out that it really doesn’t go with the sofa you had planned to put it next to. You can contrast lamps with furniture, but in that case make sure it connects to something else in the interior in one way or another. (For example in colour or material.)


Also think about the size you want your lamp to be

Again, it should fit in with the interior in a balanced way. Sometimes an oversizedshade or vivid colours can make your lamp a great focal point. In that case, make sure it isn’t “competing” with other lamps or furniture that also demand a lot of visual attention. Take a step back before you buy a table or floor lamp and look at the room in terms of scale – how big and eye-catching would you like your lamp to be?


    Don’t just think about how your lamp looks at night; also consider how it looks during daylight.

    Especially in summer, you’ll see your lamps with the bulb turned off more often than not. If possible, turn the lamp on and off in-store to see the difference. Do both looks fit the location you had in mind for the lamp? Especially with accent lighting, this can be important.

    These are a few of our tips for how to choose a floor/table lamp. Did you think they were useful for when you buy a floor/table lamp? Or do you have some tips of your own to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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