10 Winter Interiors That Will Warm You Up

July 22, 2014

10 Winter Interiors That Will Warm You Up

Winter is a season with its own styles, and it inspires many amazing warm interiors that are wonderfully cosy and wintery. They feature throws, fur, fabrics & more, and go well with vintage pendant lights. For your inspiration and viewing pleasure, here are 10 winter interiors that are guaranteed to warm you up!


Warm Winter Interiors: #1

Warming elements:
Even though there isn’t much light, the robust wooden floor, beams and door instantly give this bedroom a pleasant, sheltered feeling. The worn rug with its rustic colours adds a warm, authentic feeling. Finally, the pendant light compliments the vintage theme.

Lighting suggestion: GuardLight


Warm Winter Interiors: #2

Warming elements:
The pillows, knitted and woollen throws and of course the fireplace allows you to snuggle up nicely in your chair with a warm drink. The glass pendants allow the daylight to be reflected and enhanced. Accompanying filament bulbs give off a warm light in the evening, complementing or replacing any candle or fireplace light.

Lighting suggestion:Lab jar or Turret pendant light with Edison style light bulbs.



Warm Winter Interiors: #3

Warming elements:
The furry seat and pillow, along with the thick rug, are super soft to the touch. The robust wooden coffee table and candles look friendly and invite people to enjoy each other’s company. The round pendant light is strategically placed and reflects both daylight and candle light.

Lighting suggestion:Round copper pendant light.


Warm Winter Interiors: #4

Warming elements:
An entirely different approach, this interior mainly uses cheerful colours to create a warm look. On the practical side, plenty of rugs make sure you won’t get cold feet walking through the hallway. Glass pendant lights make sure plenty of light can bounces off the white walls.

Lighting suggestion:Lab jar pendant light, Glass ball pendant light


Warm Winter Interiors: #5

Warming elements:
Coarsely knitted things. Lots and lots of it! It’s okay to have a concrete floor with this much warmth to bask in. A wintery white also features in this bedroom, along with wood. The white pendant is in keeping with the general theme, but could also be traded in for a reflective shade.

Lighting suggestion:White pendant light, white desk lamp.


Warm Winter Interiors: #6

Warming elements:
A thick extra throw helps keeping warm at night whilst also adding a nice bit of contrast to this bedroom. The festoon lighting is playfully festive and is an interesting take on bedside lighting.

Lighting suggestion:Festoon lighting.


Warm Winter Interiors: #7

Warming elements:
A furry cover transforms this usually light chair into the perfect winter seat. You can do this with anything in winter – from chairs and beds to floors and dressers. The small desk lamp helps to give that extra bit of light you need to work when days are dark.

Lighting suggestion:Superlux black desk lamp.


Warm Winter Interiors: #8

Warming elements:
A woollen throw and a fabric sofa are the perfect combination. Candles are a winter classic, but don’t provide enough light during the evening. Combine them with task light such as these floor lamps and you’ll have a cosy but sufficiently lighted seating area.

Lighting suggestion:Superlux Floor lamp, large metal floor lamp


Warm Winter Interiors: #9

Warming elements:
Even kitchens can be warmed up for winter. Make sure you have some winter-hardy herbs or other plants to help make the kitchen feel lively. Let glass or bare bulb pendant lights reflect light off a white or reflective wall. Here, white tiles are the perfect material to create a bright, fresh task lighting that’s practical to work with and which gives off a vibrant vibe.

Lighting suggestion:Copper pipe pendant light.


Warm Winter Interiors: #10

Warming elements:
Get a maximum amount of warmth out of wool with these faux fur sheep skins.  Again, the candles are great when combined with an extra light source, in this case bare bulb pendant lighting. On top of that, a robust fireplace provides plenty of warmth for this wintery industrial interior.

Lighting suggestion:NUD concrete base pendant light.


These are the 10 warm winter interiors that we rounded up for you. What do you think of them?



(Image 1 by pinterst. image 2 via image by 79ideas via pinterest, image 3 via pinterest, image 4 by bloglovin.com, image 5 by blogpluss.no, image 6 by houseandhome, image 7 by jennifel hagler, image 8,9 via pinterest, image 10 Pinned by mieke raamstijn berghorst)

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