How To Use Vintage Marquee Lights In Your Interior

July 04, 2014

How To Use Vintage Marquee Lights In Your Interior

They’re all the rage at the moment: vintage marquee lights. Whether you spell your name out or simply use a single shape, letter or symbol – marquee lighting is a playful way of lighting up any room. Are you thinking of getting one, too? Then lucky you, because we’ve just started selling vintage marquee lights Australia-wide. If you would like to find out more about how to use them, here’s some info and tips.


An Old New Trend

Marquee lights were originally used in signs placed over the entrance to places such as hotels, theatres or circuses. Like they do, people got more creative over time and started using the signs separately from buildings to promote their businesses. Especially circuses and fairs enthusiastically used signs in shapes such as stars or arrows to grab the audience’s attention.

It’s no wonder that now vintage marquee lights still carry a happy, light-hearted feeling. They are back in fashion because of it, but not for that reason alone. They also connect really well with popular interior styles such as industrial design, which they give a cheery note. Perfect for kid’s rooms or as wall art in any other room, they look cool and double up as ambient lighting at the same time!


How To Use


So how can you best use them? Well, it obviously depends a bit on your own taste. But we do have some suggestions that can help you decide. And hey, you can move vintage marquee lights really easily. So you can always try different spots and see which one you like best! The following can be applied to both individual letters, shapes or symbols, or a row of letters that spells out a word or a concept:

  • On the wall. Where would you hang a painting? Hang a marquee light there instead. Above your sofa, bed, dining table, in the hallway, etc.
  • On the floor. Is there a dark area in your room that could do with some ambient light? Prop a marquee light up against a wall, standing mirror, wardrobe or dresser.
  • On a dresser, cupboard or side table. If you’ve got relatively small marquee lighting (or a big dresser!), use it to add interest to furniture that otherwise might go unnoticed.
  • In a group. Create a display that becomes a true work of art when you turn on the lights!

Have you decided on a place for your marquee lighting yet? Then get going and have a look in our marquee lights section. We deliver vintage marquee lights Australia-wide! 


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