Kitchen Lighting Ideas: What's your style?

June 14, 2014

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: What's your style?

Whether you’re installing a brand new kitchen or want to change the look of your current kitchen, choosing kitchen lighting can be a bit of a challenge. To start with, you ideally need to create a lighting plan, and then make decisions about whether to get kitchen pendant lighting, recessed lighting, ceiling lights, etc. Once you've got that down, picking a style is the next step. You might already have chosen a prominent style for your kitchen, but varying and combining styles can create a wonderful contrast that adds real character to the overall look. To give you a few kitchen lighting ideas, we've made a list of various styles and how they can be used.


Industrial Kitchen Lighting

Industrial lighting is defined by robust shapes and often includes wire cage shades and a ‘bare bulb’ look. They’re lights which come, as the name suggests, from industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories. They are perfect for providing an edge to modern kitchens, as their rough but practical look creates variation in the otherwise clean design. They also go well with shabby chic and rustic interiors, as they usually also have a worn look which blends well with these styles. In short: Go for industrial kitchen lighting when you want to add a robust accent with a touch of nostalgia to your  kitchen.


Rustic & Country Kitchen Lighting

Similar to industrial but with a friendlier look, rustic kitchen lighting often draws inspiration from countryside homes and farms. Wood and enamel are beloved materials, with barn lamps being the perfect example. This kitchen lighting style adds warmth and nostalgia to industrial, chic and classic interiors alike. In short: Go for rustic kitchen lighting if you want to add a nostalgic, warm accent to your kitchen that makes people feel at home.


Classic Kitchen Lighting

Classic kitchen lighting such as the schoolhouse pendant light has an undeniable chic flavour. With elegant lines and traditional materials, this style preserves the class from the past without becoming too old-fashioned. They fit well in modern interiors, where they add stature to the already polished design. In industrial and rustic interiors, they are a calm statement which adds refinement to the overall nostalgic look. In short: Go for classic kitchen lighting if you want to add a stately, calm accent to your kitchen that invokes a sense of elegance.


Retro Kitchen Lighting

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Retro kitchen lighting is a blast from the past which has a playful, hip look. Brightly coloured and with that typical shape, they are an interesting addition to both modern and vintage interiors. Let their shape and colour match other elements in your kitchen to create a connection, whilst letting the variation keep it interesting. In short: Go for retro kitchen lighting when you want your lighting to be a tongue-in-cheek statement with a light-hearted look.

These are just a few kitchen lighting ideas, but the possibilities are endless. For more kitchen pendant lighting and other types of lighting, have a browse through our extensive collection.

Which kitchen lighting style appeals most to you?

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