3 Good Office Design Ideas For Your Next Fit-Out

June 08, 2014

3 Good Office Design Ideas For Your Next Fit-Out

Good office design isn’t just nice to look at, it helps employees feel and work better. One study found that office design was one of the top three factors affecting performance. (ASID, 1999)
Another study specifically looked at how offices affected productivity. The result was full of useful material for good office design: elements like furniture, spatial arrangement and lighting all influenced productivity in one way or another. So how does that help your next office fit-out? We’ve broken it down into 3 office design ideas that will help you create a better workplace at various levels.


1. Create A Place For Every Employee

Comfort and concentration are two important factors that make someone feel good at their work spot. Research has shown that most people prefer a private space where they can retreat to and work in peace. That doesn’t mean they should be alone all day, but it does mean sheltering the work space from at least noise can really help them focus. Together with ergonomics this means good office design should offer some degree of privacy and be comfortable and inspiring. You can achieve this in various ways. Apart from the basics such as good adjustable office chairs, you can also think of acoustic panels and high backed seating. Also, make your employees feel at home by letting them in on style decisions. One fun office design idea to make open plan offices more personal is to let everyone choose a pendant light in their preferred style to go above their particular spot. Apart from letting people influence their own work spot, it also creates a dynamic, eclectic look for the whole office.


2. Create A Place For Colleagues

Working as part of an inspirational team can work miracles for a company. So apart from giving everyone their own spot, also make sure there is plenty of space in your company for interaction and collaboration. This can be in an informal setting, such as a canteen. But you can also utilise space such as lounges  and corridors by using a creative office design. Use whiteboard paint so people can leave fun and creative messages. Put down seats where people face each other to promote conversation. Use colours that are lively, creative, relaxing; whatever you want it to be. As long as people feel free to talk with each other. You’ll be amazed what it will do for the morale.


3. Create A Place For Your Company

Having an inspiring, positive company culture is important for many reasons. Embody your office with this culture by choosing a design that reflects it. Are you a hard working but sharing, friendly environment that loves collaboration? Choose an industrial type office design with plenty of informal seats that allow colleagues top ‘hop over’ for a quick brainstorm or problem solving session. Does your company value professionalism and results? Consider a modern-meets-retro office design that is sleek but inspiring and leaves clients impressed when they visit. 


Good office design keeps the individual employee, colleagues as a group and the company as a whole in mind. If you follow these 3 office design ideas then you’re definitely on the right track. Want some more inspiration? Have a look through our collection of vintage lighting & accessories to get your creative juices going.


Have you recently completed an office fit-out or are you going to in the near future? Please let us know about it in the comments. We would love to see the results!

(image 1 & 4 via InteriorLogistics, image 2,3 & 5 officesnapshots)

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