Concrete Cool: Concrete Interiors with Industrial Lighting May 27 2014, 0 Comments

It’s one of the key elements of industrial interior design: concrete. With its raw, basic touch and appearance, it is perfect for providing an edge to the overall look of a room. Concrete pendant lights, stamped concrete interior floors and modern concrete walls all set the tone for an undeniably stylish design. We’ve found you some inspiring examples where concrete cool interiors meet vintage industrial style lighting. It’s a match made in designer heaven.


This kitchen above has polished concrete on the bar and work tops, with rough slabs of concrete finishing the bar off. The vintage gas light pendants with opaque glass serve as a transition from the rough dark concrete above to the smooth concrete bar below. This
cylinder shaped concrete pendant light would do an equally good job whilst keeping the concrete theme going.


In concrete interiors, smooth and rough are two elements that create an interesting contrast. Here, the smooth concrete floor is in opposition with the rough brick walls. The black pendant light above the table, as well as the chairs, provide a third smooth layer in this interior, coated in black.


The simplicity of concrete interiors is sometimes best accompanied by minimalist elegance. In this bathroom, a single glass ball pendant light provides the general lighting whereas one wall light does the task lighting above the sink. A bunker cage light would have gone very well here too for something a little bit more raw.


Ah, the NUD concrete pendant light. Admittedly one of our favourites, combined with an Edison style bulb it is both elegant and edgy. A perfect match for this modern concrete sink.


Here’s another great example of how contrast can work in concrete interiors. The semi-smooth light grey wall, floor and bar are contrasted both in material and colour with the black wooden cupboards and black metal chairs, fridge and pendant lights. This kitchen creates a fine balance between raw industrial materials and refined modern elegance, which plays out really nicely.


Are you a lover of concrete interiors? We have an awesome cylinder shaped concrete pendant light  and NUD concrete pendant light in our collection to satisfy your concrete craving. Or you can combine your concrete interior with a vintage style black pendant light for a stylish contrast.

What would you go for with concrete?

(All images via Pinterest)