5 Inspiring Vintage Interior Design Ideas

May 09, 2014

5 Inspiring Vintage Interior Design Ideas

Vintage interior design – who doesn’t love it? This popular concept has been trending for a long time now, evolving into a bigger and broader category with many different aspects to it. Originally, it was all about the look from the 20’s - 50’s. Nowadays however, the term includes many styles with an old, nostalgic vibe to them, such as industrial, retro and shabby chic. Are you a lover of everything old and memorable? Would you like to instil a bit more vintage spirit into your home? Then don’t stop reading, because here are 5 inspiring vintage interior design ideas for your viewing pleasure.


1. Create Old-fashioned Comfort:

Vintage interior design revolves around ‘old’. On the one hand this means that the style is from older ages. Think pieces with curved lines and an undeniable vintage flair. On the other hand, it also means things look old: pieces are made to look stressed and worn. Depending on your style, you can choose to emphasize either of these aspects or both. But in both cases, everything should feel casual and comfortable. 


2. Infuse Nostalgia:

Vintage interior design is not just about styles from the past; it’d about LOVING the past. Whilst you surround yourself with old furniture and casual designs, be sure to search for treasured family heirlooms, handed down items, and stuff from times gone by in your attic, on flea markets and in antique stores. When you require new items for practical reasons (for example lights), there are plenty of new vintage style products to be found.


3. Colour Your Walls with Care: 

What kind of colour you choose really depends on the particular vintage style you go for. With modern or vintage retro design, lively and bright colours are not unusual. Patterned wallpaper would be a suitable choice here. With all else, white is the preferred colour. Neutral and muted colours are also good for walls. They’re subtle and provide the perfect backdrop to your eye-catching vintage furniture, lighting and accessories.


4. Pick Plenty of Accessories

Closely connected to number 2 on this list, accessories help bring a vintage interior design to life. Pick accessories that you really like. These things are going to characterise your home, so choose things that represent your personality. Showcase personal memories, victories and artwork. Decorate with pretty framed fabrics, woven throws and cushions, tin signs, old adverts, period art & postcards, and a whole bunch of memorable photos from your friends and family. As soon as you step into your room, you’ll feel comfortable and loved.


5. Use Warm Materials: 

As mentioned, vintage interior design embraces comfort. With that come materials that add warmth to the interior, both literally and figuratively. Make sure you use plenty of fabrics, wool, wood and even feathers to keep a high comfort level. This is especially important when you’re creating a vintage industrial interior which involves metal objects, or avintage retro design with lots of straight lines.Used in the right way, warm pieces will compliment your decorating scheme overall. Rugs and slip covers are a point of focus in this case.


We hope you can put these vintage interior design ideas to good use. If you’re in need for some more inspiration, have a browse through own our pendant lighting, wall lights and linear lighting. Have you got a vintage interior design in your home or business? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


(image 1 & 6 by sfgirlbybay, 2 by murraymitchell, image 3 & 4 via Houzz, image 5 via onekindesign)

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