Quirky Industrial Lighting Ideas February 25 2014, 0 Comments

From Steampunk to Apothecary to Laboratory interior design – all draw a large chunk of their inspiration from an industrial era long gone. What we find so inspiring about them is the way they manage to produce peculiar lighting by simply reusing materials from that era. Call it geeky or call it hip, we love this quirky variation of industrial lighting. Please allow us to show you some of our own beauties:


The Lab Lamp:


Doesn't this little contraption make you feel like inventing the next best thing? The lab lamp is made from actual science laboratory equipment and is so solid it can withstand the force of an earthquake. Well, sort of. It’s robust, basic construction provides the perfect holder for a vintage filament light bulb, which is screwed into an antique brass lamp holder. If that doesn't feel industrial, we don’t know what does.


The Lab Jar Pendant


We’re not done with laboratory interior design yet! The classic lab jars that seem to come straight from Victorian age laboratories and pharmacies have been upcycled to serve many purposes in interior design, but the best of all is perhaps the pendant light. With their clear glass, not only do these vintage lights showcase the filament bulb inside, they also reflect any incoming daylight. This makes them an even better light source in your home. Not bad for an old chemical vessel, eh?


The Mason Jar Lights


Now here’s a popular one. Mason jar lights have conquered the hearts of DIY-ers and Foodies around the world, and who can blame them? Somehow, these bare bulbs in jars just radiate a feeling of authentic homeliness. You can almost smell the apple pie mamma’s baking in the kitchen and see daddy smoking a pipe while reading his newspaper. Orrr... Smell the coffee from your machine and see your hubby watching TV. It’s kind of the same thing.


Well, these are our peculiar lights. Have you guys ever come across any quirky industrial lighting?