12 Items That Instantly Adds Feminine Décor To Any Space

February 16, 2017

12 Items That Instantly Adds Feminine Décor To Any Space

If rooms have genders, feminine décor can be easily discerned by the soft shades of pastels, eye-catching mid-century decor, stunning floral patterns, fluffy fur rugs and upholstery. Feminine rooms are easy on the eye, delightfully delicate and graceful; much unlike its counterpart which is often composed of dark, moody colours and imposing furniture. Of course, you can always have the best of both worlds, but if you want feminine décor to radiate in your space, you can easily do this without overhauling your entire room. There are stand-out pieces which instantly screams feminine, and these are the items you’d want to add:

Hints of pink. This sugary, princess-y colour thrives in most feminine decor for as long as we know it. It is fresh and dainty, like the new blossoms of spring, and adds a nice pop of colour to any bland living space. Soft blush coloured chairs, floral printed pillows or pink curtains easily do the trick.

Hints of Pink. Add colour to any plain living area.

Vases filled with flowers. For a quick touch-up, here’s a little trick: get yourself a clear or a white ceramic vase, fill it with fresh blooms, and place it on the centre table. Voila. You’ve got yourself a feminine space. The more, the merrier. Create an asymmetrical look by putting three different vases together. Another hot tip? Create a little floral pool by filling a bowl of water with cut flowers.

Crystal ball lights. Clear and fragile, crystal ball lights are the perfect illumination for your feminine décor. They look classy and ornate, and works nicely in singles and clusters. Our suggestion? A glass ball wall light to welcome you home, or an opal ball pendant light to create an ambient, romantic mood to your space.

Crystal ball lights add the perfect illumination to this kitchen

Fur throws. Like the dazzling fur coats celebrities wear on red carpets, you too can dress your room to the nines with this luxurious material. White fur rugs create a whimsical, wintry look to your feminine décor. Patterned throws make your furniture chicer and cosier.

Fur throws add a whimsical and wintery feel to your room.

Pastel pillowcases. Refresh your room by replacing your pillow covers with the pastel coloured varieties. You’d be surprised how this instantly makes a difference! Mix and match plain colours and soft graphics for that unique touch.

Chandeliers. Elaborate chandeliers turn a plain space into a noblewoman’s boudoir. Like gem-set earrings dangling from above, this lighting system will become a striking piece to your décor.

Industrial chandelier can really make a striking impact

White table lamps. For the minimalist, a pair of white shade table lamps can become your quick feminine décor fix. Use it to decorate your entryway table: set one lamp beside a vase, or place one at each end of the table for a balanced look.

White table lamp. Set next to a vase for that feminine touch.

Slender furniture. Masculine décor is usually made up of thick, chunky furniture—like large wooden tables and leather couches. Feminine décor is the complete opposite. Curvy, intricate furniture, such as slender-legged tables and shapely chairs, reflect the silhouette of the woman’s body.

Metallics.A gold-dipped vase, a copper lamp, a pewter candle holder or mirror with rose gold frames–all these evoke a sweet, feminine touch to your decor, especially if your room is made up of light or neutral colours.

Metallics- rose gold pendant adds a feminine touch.

Shades of white. In a simple analogy, dark colours are considered masculine, and the lighter ones are feminine. Making a play with shades of white—from creme to soft beige to marbled greys—can help you achieve a feminine decor. Of course, it helps to mix and match with other strongly feminine colours, such as rose, lilac, blush and powder blue.

Books and baubles. This tip may work for both masculine and feminine décor, depending on the items you choose to use. Adding books and baubles to the table can create a nice, sentimental detail to your décor. In order to make it more feminine, choose crystal and metallic ornaments, such as vases, candleholders and sculpted figures.

Ready to update your home this year? Which of these feminine décor items are your favourite? Comment below and join the discussion!

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