Top 10 Ways To Use Cage Lights January 17 2014, 0 Comments

You may or may not have seen them yet, but they're a popular part of vintage interior designs nowadays: cage lights. Apart from obviously fitting into industrial designs, they can also perfectly complement masculine, rustic and classic designs, to name but a few. Because they are so versatile, you can use them in many ways in your home. Let us show you some of our favourite ones in our top 10 of ways to use cage lights.


  1. Above the dinner table

Sharing in the popularity of pendant lights, cage lights work very well hanging down from the ceiling to light up breakfast and dinner tables. Wire cage pendant lights are a trendy sight and can be hung individually or with multiple lights in a row, depending on the size of your table.


  1. Outside

Whether you have a large porch or a small patio, cage lighting provides perfect outdoor ambient lighting with its robust yet stylish look. Clamp these beauties on railing, strap them on posts or hang them down from the roof - they'll look good anywhere.


  1. Around the bed

Want to give your bedside area a bit more of an edge? Smaller cage lights will give you just the right amount of light to let you read a book in bed, whilst looking undeniably cool. We love how in the image above a wire cage pendant light is just slung onto a wooden ladder with a wall plug pendant light cord. However, cage lights can be clamped onto anything, which is especially useful if your bedroom is small and you don't have a bed stand or cupboard nearby.


  1. Around seating areas

Wire cage pendant lights can be hung over any seating area, but are especially interesting when you group them together like in the image below. Want a bit more ambient lighting in the evening? Turn off your general lighting and let these cage lights do the job instead.


  1. In your study
Previously we already mentioned that it's important to make your work place an inspiring environment. If you want to retain that hard-working spirit, why not use cage lights in your study? Employ them as accent lighting to accentuate your beloved objects or much-used tools. Or use large cage lighting as a general source of light. But no matter how you decide to use them, you can be sure they'll add some real character to your working environment.



  1. Above your desk

If you don’t have the luxury of a study, you can still incorporate cage lights to add that industrial touch to your immediate work space. Use cage lights as task lighting for your desk by clamping them onto nearby shelves or hang them down from the ceiling. You’ll be amazed how much it can help bring a small space together.



  1. Around your kitchen’s working spaces

Cage lights can be an unexpected but interesting sight in kitchens, most specifically when you use them around your work spaces. Try hanging wire cage pendant lights above your stove and counter tops for a nice change in task lighting. Cooking up a storm has never been so enlightened.



  1. Above art & accessories

Accent lighting that is meant to highlight a certain object is usually subtle, trying to focus on the object itself as much as possible. Why not try something different and let the light work with the object? Wire cage pendant lights can create a wonderfully eclectic effect that will put your art into a whole new perspective.




  1. As wall art

When you have an awkward blank corner or stretch of wall, why not make something interesting out of it by means of cage lights. In the image below, two types of lights are used to create an industrial yet cheery light display. You can also hang a row of cage lights at various heights alongside the wall, or cluster them together using various types. Let your creative juices flow and create your own unique wall art.


        10.  In the attic


    Cage lights were originally designed to be in rough, basic spaces. If you want to use this type of light in the traditional way, use them in your attic, shed or storage room for that ‘olden days’ look. Your attic will suddenly becomes a lot more friendly looking.


    Well, those were our ten favourites. Where have you put your wire cage lights?


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