Man Up! Masculine Home Office Design January 05 2014, 0 Comments

When you type in 'masculine' in Google Images, all you get is images of muscley body builders. Thankfully, masculine home office design has got nothing to do with that. Granted, it's got all the stereotypical features of men: dark, rough, strong, straightforward and functional. But from these characteristics, more sophisticated designs have sprung forth that combine basic elements with stylish features. And it appears that this masculine style appeals to men and women alike, especially when it comes to home offices. If you like your workplace to be simple and a bit rough around the edges, then here are some ideas for you.

Less = More

Men like to keep it simple. A masculine home office design is often characterised by being functional and simplistic. Accessories and decoration are usually few, but often big and bold or bright, providing a focal point for the otherwise blank spaces. In the example above, you can see how a big black pendant light is fulfilling this task. It also shows how furniture can help build a straightforward and peaceful look. Modern designs connect well to the functionality of the masculine home office because of their sleek, black and white features. However, a rough, vintage industrial design works just as well with simplicity



It's elementary, my dear Watson

Raw, basic elements are another key feature of masculine home office design. You can go for a really rugged feel by using only vintage or industrial aspects, as shown above. Rough materials such as stone, cement, unrefined fabrics and metal put across a stout atmosphere. Add to this dark colours and neutral tones and you're definitely in a man's world. But the best masculine office designs mix the rough materials with the smooth features, creating a fine balance between the old-fashioned working man's attitude and the refined taste of the modern man. Even in the picture above, there is a stool with smooth leather and sleek legs, and a big, smooth metallic floor lamp.


A man's business

When a man puts things in his workspace he doesn't use, then they're things he treasures. Accessories you will often find in a masculine home office design are related to stereotypical manly hobbies or activities such as hunting or football. Other accessories you will often find are 'primitive' art pieces such as tribal masks, baskets or rugs. Another favourite theme is navigation and objects that are reminiscent of the colonial era, like globes, maps and compasses.

The Good Old Days

Finally, a masculinehome office design style is a very classic one, which connects well to the colonial style mentioned before. It is neither very rough nor very modern or sleek, but rather in between. Think old English/American style offices, chesterfield sofas, smooth wooden desks, cigars, leather sofas, typewriters and metal file cabinets. Although there is more room for accessories in this particular version of masculinehome office design, they are still in good balance because of the timeless designs of the classic furniture pieces used.


At Fat Shack Vintage, we like some good ol' industrial and vintage style lighting and furniture to man up home offices. What's your favourite thing about masculine home office design?


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