String Lights: Keep the Feeling of Christmas Lights All Year Round

December 12, 2013

String Lights: Keep the Feeling of Christmas Lights All Year Round

It's not long until it's Christmas: you can easily tell by just looking around in the streets. Christmas decorations are everywhere, adorning schools, churches, shops and houses alike. We're all gearing up for one of the best holidays of the year, and all those Christmas bells, bushes and santa clauses are there to show it. Here at Fat Shack Vintage, we especially love the Christmas lights. At night, they show the warmth and festive cheer of the season, and invite visitors inside the houses. What's better than to be greeted by those bright and colourful lights!

Honestly, we don't think there is much better. Those strings of lights hanging down from roofs and ceilings evoke a holiday spirit like nothing else does. It's no surprise then that we've found quite a few people wondering how to use Christmas lights all year round. But how to do that without being tacky? Thankfully, there is an answer to this question: festoon lights.

Many Christmas lights are string lights, and it's this shape that characterises the holiday season so well. Like in the images above, you can hang or tie them in any creative way you want. Much the same goes for normal string lights, and we find that these are the best way to recall the warmth of the festive season without losing a sense of style.

In the above images,string lighting has been used in Christmas decoration. It shows that they go perfectly well with a festive feeling and can even serve aschristmas lights. But all year round they can help your house look inviting and warm, both indoors and outdoors. Let have a look at some examples to see how.

Firstly, outdoor string lights. It adds a big dose of atmosphere to your garden or patio, making even the most urban spot light up with some warming charm. In the example on the left, strings are crossed to cover most of the outdoor area, providing some extra light to eat at the table as well as other outdoor activities. Should a party be at hand,outdoor lights would already be there.In the example on the right, string lights have been hung in rows over the table, additionally providing support for the lovely hanging DIY decoration above the table.


Secondly, indoor lighting. Like with christmas lights, string lights can be used anywhere in the interior. When strung out over a larger area, they are used as secondary lighting to set the mood with softer lighting, as an alternative to the main light. In the bedroom above, stringing these lights back and forth over the ceiling undeniably adds a homely feeling to the space. The dinner table on the right resembles the same rustic feeling of the outdoor eating arrangement we saw before. But the fact that its hung indoors further reminds us of the festive season with its warm indoor lights and friendly dining atmosphere. 

Apart from hanging them across the ceiling, string lights are also a fun way to brighten up and focus on specific objects. In the image above they're lining a large mirror in an eclectic interior, adding yet another playful touch to the whole design. Earlier, we also saw them hung around a reindeer's neck and some plain branches as a means of festive decoration. But really, the possibilities are limitless. We suggest you just let your fun eye run across the room to look for a suitable object or spot.

Well, those are our ideas for keeping the warm feeling of Christmas lights all year round. How do you guys keep the spirit alive? Let us know in the comments!


(Image 1 by Agata Ryszkoska, image 2 by re:address , image 3 by houseandgardenimage 4 by Pinterest, image 5, 6 & 8 byHouzz, image 7 by  Remodelista)

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