How to Stay Classy: Industrial Chic Design Accents for Home Interiors

November 29, 2013

How to Stay Classy: Industrial Chic Design Accents for Home Interiors


Shabby chic, or just chic, is well on its way to becoming a timeless classic in terms of interior home design. From distressed furniture to nostalgic interiors, it holds a warm, white-pinkish place in the hearts of many home owners. But over time more variants have evolved. Because apart from chic, many home owners are also huge fans of eclectically mixing various design styles together. This is how industrial chic interiors have come to exist. Mixing together classy and robust features, chic and industrial are the perfect marriage of feminine and masculine design motives.

The best thing is, it's not hard to give your interior that ruggedly chic flavour. With some well-picked industrial chic furniture or accessories you'll be able to give your home some industrial chic design accents guaranteed to give it some universal charm. Let us show you some examples from our ownvintage eBay store where we collect the best industrial goodies for home interiors.


If you want something versatile, this subtle black metal table could fit in pretty much any room. Put it next to your reading chair as a side table or next to your bed as a night stand, for example. It's worn, painted-over black surface feels very rough and masculine and can provide a great contrast with other furniture of softer texture and colour.


Another multifunctional table is this beautiful
wooden vintage table with metal feet and a green leather top. It will add a touch of industrial chic design for sure. This quirky table feels like it came straight off a steamship and will serve just fine as either a side table, TV stand, book case, hall table... You name it. With two open shelves and two closed drawers, it's just as practical as it is classy. Slide your fingers across the leather top as you walk through the hallway and imagine yourself in another era. 



Are you born to do DIY? Do you have your little projects at home that you like to fiddle with, or do you have a workshop at home to make a living? Consider looking for a genuine vintage industrial work bench to make your work space truly inspiring. This antique 1900s Singer Sewing Table plus sewing machine is one of our best finds, and could serve as a side table or actual work space. Combined with soft colours and textures it's a definite winner in creating industrial chic interiors.


Finally, drawers. One of the best in industrial chic furniture. Filing cabinets and other cupboards with drawers are not just great in actual work spaces such as home offices or studies. They can also serve as storage space in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. The dark wood filing cabinet (left) has a really smooth but official look, making it a worthy industrial statement in your chic interior. The nautical themed drawers (right) could fit just as well in a girls' bedroom as in a dad's personal study. For a piece of sturdy industrial storage, this is your thing.


So, what kind of industrial chic furniture will you go for in your home? Let us know your picks in the comments! For more inspiration, check out our full range of pendant lights, wall lights and linear lighting today. 

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