7 Tips to Upgrading Your Bedrooms with Eclectic Interiors

January 16, 2016

7 Tips to Upgrading Your Bedrooms with Eclectic Interiors

Looking to upgrade your bedroom look? How about an eclectic interior design? This style allows you to enjoy all the things you want, all in one place. It doesn't matter whether you're into country, modern, minimalist or glamorous—there's no rulebook to create the perfect eclectic bedroom. Throw in whatever you want; it's your choice! You do want, however, to stick with these guidelines to help you stay in the right direction. Ready for that overhaul? Study these tips and enjoy a refreshing bedroom space with a contemporary look.


Find your focus

eclectic bedroom with copper shade pendant light as a feature pendant

Every room needs to have a focal point. The reason? You need something to build around. For example, a favourite painting, large mirror or an heirloom patchwork. This keeps you attuned to your inspiration and takes away the chaotic look—a common problem in most eclectic bedroom interiors.

On this look: A painting takes the spotlight in this uniquely minimalist eclectic bedroom interior. The cold blue and grey tones are lightened up by this copper pendant light.


Stick to a colour palette

black cage pendant lights used as bedroom reading lights

Take a good look at that colour wheel and pick your favourite hue. From there, choose the other tones that will complement it. The nice thing about eclectic interiors is that you can go as bold and brazen, or as calm and quiet as you wish.

On this look: This room takes after the sweet, modern Scandinavian style, intermixed with geometric patterns and soft pastel pink colours. Two hanging caged pendant lights create a gentle, whimsical appeal to this little intimate space.


Play with the right textures

cage pendant lights add to the eclectic mix in the room

This free-for-all design allows you to be in-touch with your creative side, so go all out with it! The best way to make your eclectic room active and vibrant is by adding some patterns inside the space. It could be a Moroccan-inspired rug, a geometrically illustrated wallpaper, or a floral accent, running atop your mattress. Of course, just like with colours, make sure your patterns harmonise with one another. Don’t go overboard! Stick to a single motif as much as possible.

On this look: Go daring by intermixing a lot of similar textures in your eclectic bedroom interior. In this design, earth blues and reds come together in a washed-off feel. Hanging caged pendant lights adds a more artistic aura.


Mix eras masterfully

a simple touch, a copper pipe pendant hangs from the ceiling, bringing back a vintage charm

Another thing you can enjoy in designing eclectic bedroom interiors is that you can be as old-world or as modern as you wish. Or best, both! Enjoy the varieties of eras in your space by putting together items reminiscent of each period. Decorate your modern shelves with old books, maps and artworks, or place nostalgic lighting in your otherwise contemporary space.

On this look: Channel your inner Dorothy with this lace inspired room. The all-white walls make a perfect backdrop for a splash of colours, such as the designs on the rug and pillows. And as a simple touch, a copper pipe pendant hangs from the ceiling, bringing back a vintage charm.


Get bold with the old

eclectic interiors use enamel pendant lights in a bedroom

Eclectic interiors can sometimes be associated with shabby chic. Don’t be afraid to use your old furniture; little details, such as faded colours or peeled-off paint, creates an interesting, nostalgic touch. Strategic placement of these items will add attitude to your eclectic interior. Be as elaborate, or as basic as you want.

On this look: Here is a plain white bed dazzled up by earthen-coloured accents and vintage themed furniture. The wooden floors, the bedside table, the dangling enamel industrial lights and the framed maps offers creative hints about the bedroom owner.


The right lighting makes the magic

One thing that stands out in every eclectic bedroom the lighting an industrial style pendant light

One thing that stands out in every eclectic bedroom: the lighting. This makes the statement of who you are. For example, a chandelier tells of your sophisticated taste, a modern wall lamp reveals your easy-going nature, or a complicated pendant lighting showcases your love for details. Other than illuminating your room, it amps up your style panache.

On this look: An industrial-inspired pendant light hangs from a basic, minimalist and masculine room. Styled after concrete tones, grey, blacks and whites portray a relaxed yet creative ambiance.


Symmetry is the key

Symmetry is the key in this bedroom with matching pendant lighs used as bedside lamps

Balance the look of the room by putting similar amounts of items, side-by-side. Create a focal block of gallery on a blank wall, or easily achieve this look by installing two wall lamps by the headboard.

On this look: The dark walled room looks prim and proper with well-placed pillows, a neutral coloured woven rug, and two modern lights hanging from the ceiling.

These tips should give you a good start as to how to update your own bedroom to achieve that eclectic look. Do you have any eclectic interiors of your own to share? Let your fellow readers know in the comments below!

Images via our “Bedroom Inspiration” Pinterest board.

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