5 Ways to Use Vintage Trunks November 14 2013, 0 Comments

Everyone can probably agree that vintage trunks are a real treasure to buy. These classic looking objects of times gone by add a touch of homeliness to any kind of vintage interior. (Or even modern interiors, if played right!) But sometimes people abandon the idea of a vintage chest in their interior, arguing that they like their look but doubt their usefulness. Well, we have to disagree on that one. Of course you can use trunks for storage, stashing things you don't need to use for a long time - winter blankets, throws, big sweaters... But there are more creative uses for these beloved pieces of history. Let us show you five ways to use vintage trunks. 



1. Coffee Tables:
Vintage storage trunks with a flat top are fantastic as coffee tables. They're the right height and length, especially if you're short on space. But if you have a good dig online, there are also broader examples on the market that make for larger coffee tables. When these vintage trunks are in the centre of your living room along with surrounding seating furniture, they draw the attention with their unique look. But at the same time, they can blend in well with countless of other vintage objects like leather sofas, eastern rugs, tripod floor lamps and fabric chairs. 



2. End / bedside tables:
Again, vintage storage trunks with a flat top are great as low tables, but they're not just convenient to put your drink on. They also serve well as end tables or bedside tables, taking up a more modest role in the interior. Again, they're surprisingly versatile. If you want a large end or bed table, you can use the flat top as a surface to put your belongings on. But if you're looking for something smaller, try putting the trunk on its side. You can still showcase the beautiful top by letting it face forward, but you're saving a lot of space. Using a storage trunk this way is also ideal if you've bought one with a bulgy top that is unsuitable for supporting objects in a regular position.


3. TV Stand:
A good storage trunk is sturdy as well as stylish. They were often designed as luggage to be taken on long journeys on sea ships, so they are able to withstand rough conditions. The classic image of sliding from one side of a room to the other, various heavy items falling on top of them, that kinda stuff. This means that a storage trunk, like
this wooden one we currently have on offer, cannot just store heavy objects safely, heavy objects can also be placed on top of them. Putting your TV screen on top of a chest provides the interior with a lovely mix of modern and antique objects. Modern Man meets Steamer Traveller, if you will.


4. Small Stool or Bench:
Whether with a flat top or slightly bulged, sturdy vintage trunks can be used as simple stools or benches, especially for kids. You can lay some flat pillows on top for comfort, and a unique seating place is created. This informal style of seating is great for places like lounges, patios and kid's bedrooms. Boys and girls alike will love a 'pirate chest' or 'princess chest' to store their favourite toys. And if finding pillows with the right colours and patterns isn't enough to fit the chest in the interior, you can try giving it a paint job or adorn it with laces and fabric.


5. Chair or Large Stool:
The same idea as described above, but more suitable for grown-ups. Its also another way of using long vintage trunks with (very) bulgy tops. Turn the trunk on its side and use it as a bar stool for example. Or place it against the wall so people can lean their backs against something for a more chair-like experience. Once again, great for an informal atmosphere and a unique piece of seating furniture.


Have you used a storage trunk or chest in your interior which we haven't mentioned here? Then please let us know your creative ideas in the comments below!


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